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Welcome to our Dojo Newsletter

September, 2016


Birthday Corner

Happy Birthday in September

Sempai Cameron Hay, Sempai Satpal Jhauj, Alex Maddix,
Dalton McGlashen, Sempai Saeed Mirafzal, Sempai Matthew Naraine,
Hunter Schofield


Welcome New Students

Please Welcome to our Dojo!

Carter G., Evan G., Jacob C., Emma C., Effie T.

Good Luck in your chosen art and discipline!


Student Anniversaries

James Corkum, Sempai Neeloufar Grami, Hunter Schofield,
Sempai Nickrooz Grami

Congratulations on completing another year in your life long discipline!


Heard Around The Dojo


Fall CKF Jodo Seminar

WHO: Instructors are Daniel Chabaud, 7dan jodo and Corinne Marie Dit Moisson 7dan jodo both from France.

Registration on-line

WHAT/WHEN: This is a jodo seminar and grading open to anyone. Beginners are welcome. For insurance purposes we would ask that you register as a member of the CKF, this will cost you an extra $35 and can be done ahead of time through the CKF website at If you are not a member of a CKF dojo you can join the "virtual dojo". I will be checking out the possibility of joining the CKF "on the day" but if you are reading this you have time to join online.

The grading:
It is a CKF grading so Canadians will have to join the CKF ahead of time and apply to grade through the web-based grading system when applications are opened. These will be open soon. The CKF does not allow registration for grading "on the day" so please sign up ahead of time. Check the CKF website at for further details about how to apply for the grading.

Yes, this suggests that anyone who has started jodo this September in the various dojo can probably apply for ikkyu for this grading. The requirements are the first three kihon and the first three kata both sides.

For those who wish to grade from outside Canada, the application process is as per FIK rules. You apply through your national kendo federation president who sends a request to the CKF president. Again, details can be found on the CKF website.

While national gradings of ikkyu and up require pre-registration with the CKF, we will be offering nikkyu gradings to those who get the urge to grade "on the day". The requirements are the first three kihon and three kata (1, 2, and 4), jo side only.

The grading is up to and including 3dan. All those grading are expected to attend the seminar.

The Seminar: Friday November 11, 5:30pm to 9pm. This session is open to all. Senior class: those holding 3dan and up are especially encouraged to attend this session if they wish to tune up for their next grading.

Saturday Nov 12 Seminar 9:00am to 4:00pm
Grading. 4:00pm to 5:30pm
We will be reserving space at a local restaurant for Saturday evening. Food/drink NOT included in the seminar fee.

Sunday Nov 13 9:00am to 2:00pm Seminar.

All sessions $170
Friday session $70
Saturday, either or both sessions $100
Sunday session $70

Registration on-line

Grading fees (except Nikyu) will be paid to the CKF directly when you register online.

WHERE: The seminar will be held at Mentor College, 40 Forest Avenue, Mississauga Ontario. It is more or less on the corner of Hurontario and Lakeshore.

If you wish to take public transport, the Port Credit Go station is 700 meters from the dojo.

Lunch: We will not be providing lunch, pack your own or we will be posting a list of local restaurants.

Registration on-line


Karate Friendship Workout

The next Karate Friendship Workout is scheduled for Sunday, August 28th, 2016 in Bowmanville at Sensei Tony Gibson's dojo starting at 1pm. I look forward to seeing everyone from all our Canadian Association dojos there. All colour belt and black belt karate-ka are encouraged to attend. It is a fun event.


Nagamine Shoshin Sensei (O'Sensei) Biography

Please enjoy reading about the founder of our karate style and his last speech given in 1997 as we celebrate his birthday last month


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Bring a Friend Week

Take this wonderful opportunity to introduce your friends to the fascinating world of martial arts. Bring your friends out to participate in your karate, aikido or jodo class. They will have the opportunity to start training in the martial arts on a regular basis as a result of your introduction.


Jodo Seminars

We are pleased to announce we will be able to run Special Jodo Seminars throughout the year. Seminars will be tailored to your specific level and goals. Please call or write to arrange an Introductory or comprehensive Jodo Seminar for your dojo or group. Jodo is a 500 year old martial art that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or physical conditioning. It is a fantastic art to cross-train in or learn for it's own merits. Manuals, weapons and instructional DVDs can also be purchased as part of a package.


Upcoming Events

Click on any of the upcoming events listed below to learn more:
Bring-A-Friend Week
Aikido Hajime Night
Karate Kata/Friendship Workout


Bring A Friend Promotion

Introduce your friends or family to the martial arts. You can bring as many people as you like to try a martial arts class with you. All we need is a signed waiver (by a parent if the person is under 18 years old) and tell them to bring track pants and a t-shirt for the class.


Aikido Hajime Class

Aikido Class

On Thursday, September 29th we will be doing our "Hajime" training in the adult Aikido class. "Hajime" means to begin and we will be doing techniques rapidly on that command. It is an excellent cardio workout as well as an excellent training tool. When you must react quickly over and over to a command, you have no time to think about what you are going to do - you can only do. That is important in the martial arts. Be sure not to miss this class.

Aikido Class Aikido Class

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