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We are now accepting registrations for our Early Start Karate Fall session. Classes will begin Tuesday September 2nd, 2014. Class Time 4::00pm - 4:30pm. Call now or write to Register your 3 - 5 year old for this special class designed for children of that age.

2014 Schedule of Classes

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Welcome to our Dojo Newsletter
March, 2005

Birthday Corner

Happy Birthday in March

Sean B., Chirag S., George D.,

Welcome New Students

Please Welcome to our Dojo!

Ben Sharifian, Emma M.

Good Luck in your chosen art and discipline!

Student Anniversaries

Student Anniversaries

Shawn B., Jacob S., Kevin Groeneveld, Danya S. Craig Matheson

Congratulations on completing another year in your life long discipline!

Those Amazing Students

If you know something amazing about one of our students - please contact us with the details so we can share this with the rest of the Renseikan Dojo Community.If you have pictures or clips that we can use, submit them too.

Heard Around The Dojo

March Break Classes

All classes will be running as normal during the March Break

Seimeikan Dojo Reunion

Many of the former senior students of Seimeikan Dojo, which closed March 2003, got together at the Regal Palace Restaurant on Saturday March 5 for a reunion. The 13 course Chinese meal was only surpassed by the great conversation and memories shared. Since Karasawa Sensei's retirement from the martial arts, many of his former students have not seen each other. This was a very enjoyable evening and we hope to do more of this. Thanks to Peter and Tak for making all the arrangements. Pictures can be seen here.

February Kata Night

Thanks to all who made it out on February's Kata Night. We had a great evening of Kihon(basics), Kata, Bunkai(application of kata) and Yakusoku Kumite(Pre-arranged sparring). We also had a great time at Boston Pizza afterwards. Plan to join us next time (March 31st).

Winter Kyu Tests

Congratulations to everyone who passed their kyu examinations on Saturday February 5th. There were aikido tests at 9am, Karate tests at 10:45am and Jodo tests at 12:45pm. More pictures will be available soon. Some preliminary Jodo / Karate / Aikido pictures are available now.

Calendars and Tapes

There is a limited supply of the IYAF (International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation) 2005 calendar available at the dojo for $15.00 each.

The 2004 Renseikan Dojo Annual Demonstration video tapes are availabale for $15.00 each and previous years are also available for $10.00 each

New Renseikan Dojo Crests

Our New Renseikan Dojo Crests are now available at the dojo. They can be used in many ways, on your dogi it should go on the left side, over your heart.

Upcoming Events

Click on any of the upcoming events listed below to learn more:
Karate Kata Night
Aikido Hajime Class
Jodo Seminar - Toronto
Easter Weekend

Karate Kata Night

We would like to invite any karate-ka who practice Matsubyashi-Ryu to join us for the last Thursday of every month. After a good warm-up of kihon (basics) we start kata practice and sometimes also add Bunkai (application) and Yakusoku Kumite (pre-arranged sparring) practice to the evening. Our dojo is open to all, regardless of rank or associations. This is a non-political dojo and a fun night of training together in the true spirit of Nagamine Shoshin Sensei's Karate-Do. If you are interested in joining us please contact us for directions and times or feel free to drop in for the 8pm adult class on the last Thursday of each month. The next Kata night is Thursday March 31st

Aikido Hajime Class

On Wednesday March 30th we will be doing our "Hajime" training in the adult Aikido class. "Hajime" means to begin and we will be doing techniques rapidly on that command. It is an excellent cardio workout as well as an excellent training tool. When you must react quickly over and over to a command, you have no time to think about what you are going to do - you can only do. That is important in the martial arts. Be sure not to miss this class.

Jodo Seminar - Toronto

On Sunday March 20th There will be a Jodo seminar in Toronto, 1pm - 4pm. The location is the AYC Dojo at Yonge and Gerrard. This is an excellent way to improve your jodo - in a 3 hour intensive session

Easter Weekend

The Dojo will be closed on Friday March 25th and Saturday March 26 for the Easter Weekend. We will be open on Monday March 28th.

Events Calendar for 2005

2005 Calendar of Events

Karate Promotions


5th Kyu Evan C.
  Donna Lipset
  Marc Kiruouc
4th Kyu Lauren G.
  Justin J.
  Dwayne D.
  Keith C.
3rd Kyu Kristin H.
  Mary Tuccitto
  Jason Mike
2nd Kyu Shawn B.

Aikido Promotions


9th Kyu Kylie B.
  Jason J.
7th Kyu Matthew N.
  Devin S.
  Joseph T.
  Brandon W.
  Corby Chapin
6th Kyu Shawn B.
  Darrin C.
5th Kyu Kevin Maginley
  Christopher Naraine

Jodo Promotions


6th Kyu Kevin H.
5th Kyu Sean B.
  Steven Kubien
  Graeme Clarke
  Greg Clarke
  Robert Tompkins
  Christopher Naraine
4th Kyu Adam E.
3rd Kyu Matthew Naraine

Video Camera Introductory Video

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